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MBA Aviation and Airport

MBA Aviation and Airport

The present era of globalization and liberalization witnessed a revolutionary change in the domestic as well as in the global economic scenario. Indian economy is increasingly becoming market oriented economy in which private sector is going to play a prominent role. India’s Aviation industry is largely untapped with growth opportunities considering that Air transport is still expensive for majority of the country’s population, of which nearly 40% is the upwardly mobile middle class.  The industry stake holders should engage and collaborate with policy makers to implement efficient and rational decisions that would boost Indian aviation industry. It is predicted that there is expanding job opportunity in the private sector. This calls for a different breed of professionals with sound knowledge of business, industry and economy. The MBA Programme we offer has unique curriculum as per the requirement of the industry. The course aims at developing analytical and entrepreneurial skill amongst the students. It also provides a platform to foster innovation, creativity and professionalism to those who aspire to become managers of tomorrow.


KCM having knowledge to develop individuals with high-level executive skills for management and leadership, who will become strategy accelerators and change leaders in a customer-driven global network in aviation industry, all the while being responsible for transmitting high standards and values to their teams for success.

Program Structure:

The objective of the MBA programme is to transform students into leaders ready to tackle the ever increasing challenges of domestic / global business environment. This is accomplished through the following learning goals and objectives:

Integrative experience and experiential learning.
Innovative thinking skills to enable strategic decision-making and problem-solving.
Effective oral presentation & written communication skills.
Team participation and leadership building.
Functional business knowledge of marketing, operations, information technology finance, accounting, statistics and quantitative analysis
Building the confidence of executives to make optimum, sound decisions by foreseeing the future and to lead the organization as sustainable winner.

Program Structure

I Semester                                                  II Semester
Sl. No Subjects Sl. No Subjects
1 Economic Analysis for Business Decisions 1 Marketing Management
2 Business Statistics and Analytics 2 Production & Supply Chain Management
3 Principles of Management  3 Financial Management
4 Organizational behavior and Managerial Communication 4 Operations Research
5 Financial Reporting and Cost Control 5 Human Resource Management and Audit
6 Business Law 6 Business Research Methods
7 Case Development on Industry Analysis 7 Project on Indian Company Analysis & Publication
8 Certificate Program  in  M S Excel 8 Professional Communication
Work shop on Ideal Business Model & Characteristics   Work shop on ABCD Analysis Framework
Practice based experimental learning II
III semester IV semester
Sl. No Subjects Sl. No Subjects
1 Management Information System and analytics 1 Industry Internship
2 Airline and Airport Management 2 Dissertation and viva voce
3 Aviation Law, Safety and Security 3 Certificate Program on Online Investment/ Trading/ Ad. design
4 Airline Marketing management  4 Project on Business Plan, Presentation & Competition
5 Cabin Crew Management 5 Publication of Dissertation in World E-Book Library
6 Dual  Elective  1 6 Practice  Based Experimental learning IV
7  Certificate Program on SPSS    
8 Industry Internship  and Viva voce    
9 Workshop on Project Planning & Management    
10 Practice based  experimental Learning III    
Electives and Dual Electives:
Marketing Finance
Promotion and Distribution Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research Advanced financial  Management
Services Marketing International Financial Management
International Marketing Management Financial Services
Dual elective Marketing 1 Dual elective Finance  1
Dual elective Marketing 2 Dual elective Finance  2
Human Resource Management Banking & Insurance
Industrial and Employee Relations Principles and Practices of Banking and Insurance
Legal Aspects in Human Resource Management Banking and Insurance Products
Global Human Resource Management Trends in Indian Banking and Financial System
Training, Talent and Knowledge Management Rural Banking & Microfinance
Dual elective Human resource management  1 Dual elective Banking & Insurance 1
Dual elective Human resource management  2 Dual elective Banking & Insurance 2
Entrepreneurship E-Business
Entrepreneurial Competencies Development Electronic Business Models
Business Plan and Project Implementation Mobile Business Models
Corporate and Strategic Management  of Entrepreneurial Ventures Electronic & Mobile Banking
Entrepreneurial Finance and Marketing Mobile Transaction Security
Dual elective Entrepreneurship 1 Dual elective E-Business 1
Dual elective Entrepreneurship 2 Dual elective E-Business 2
Technology Management Retail Business
Information Technology Management Retail Organization and Retail Marketing
Nanotechnology Business Opportunities Retail Merchandising  Management
E-Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) Store Management in Retail Business
Logistics and Supply Chain Management IT, HRM and CRM in Retail Business
Dual elective Technology Management 1 Dual elective Retail Business 1
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence International Trade Patterns and Balance of Payments
Predictive Analytics International Business Operations and Multinational Enterprise
Optimization Analytics Export-Import Management
Finance , HR, Marketing & Retail Analytics International Business Research
Dual elective Business Analytics 1 Dual elective International Business 1
Dual elective Business Analytics 2 Dual elective International Business 2
Aviation Port & Shipping Management
Airline and airport management Port Management
Aviation Law, Safety and Security Marine Law
Airline Marketing Management Safety & Security Cruise Marketing Management
Cabin crew Management Navigation & Nautical Studies
Dual Elective Aviation 1 Dual Elective 1 Container Terminal Operations
Dual Elective Aviation 2 Dual Elective 2 Maritime Economics & Logistics

Scope of Aviation & Airport Management


MBA graduates have a variety of career options. They may choose to become any one of the following according to interest and aptitude.

    • Airport Operations Manager
    • Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer
    • Air traffic Controller
    • Aviation Maintenance Technician
    • Quality Control Personnel
    • Human Resource manager
    • International Business specialist
    • Business Manager
    • Public Relations Specialists
    • Marketing Executive
    • Information System Manager
    • Data analytics.
    • Hospital Management
    • Self-employed MBA graduates develop the ability to start their own business venture and become successful entrepreneurs


2 Years


Any Bachelor degree of UGC recognized University with 50 % Marks

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Not only does Karnata College provide you the practical skills that is necessary to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon your graduation, but we also make sure that you will have a good sense of social justice so that you make the transition responsibly.


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