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The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – the Central Library, at the heart of the Campus, provides an ideal environment for intellectual inquiry with its multiple Study Spaces, Research Assistance, and Reading, Learning and Instructional Resources. The State-of-the-Art ICT facilities established to provide much-needed services to support excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research, and Extension. The User-focused facilities and services provide seamless access to resources and to evaluate Scholarly information to learn and create new Knowledge. The LRC caters to over 15,000 Students pursuing Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses, Research Scholars, and about 1,000 Faculty and Staff members. The LRC is housed on three floors with a carpet area of 4,289 sqms accommodating various facilities, reading and learning resources, and seating arrangements for about 500 Users at any point-of-time. Wi-Fi, Internet access, Electrical plug-in facilities, etc., are provided in all Reading areas and Study Carrels. The Virtual Learning Resource Lab and Study Carrels with 100 Apple Computers in networked environment provide Internet access, Digital Learning Resources and Online access to major E-Journals and E-Books on Science and Technology, Management, Health Sciences and Social Sciences available from VTU, HELINET, and N-LIST / e-Shodha Sindhu (UGC-INFLIBNET) Consortia. KOHA, an Integrated Library Management Software package is used for Library operations and resource sharing among the Karnataka Institutes’ Libraries. ALIBNET, a network of all Libraries of Karnataka Institutes has been established using KOHA “Single Instance and Multiple Libraries”. Institutional Repository (IR), a digital repository of Karnataka Institutes publications provides access/downloading publications, and other homogeneous data/reports and non-traditional reading material. Centrally well-protected Fire alarms, CCTV surveillance, and RFID technology provide much-needed security. Readers can have coffee/Tea from vending machines kept in Coffee Bar. Qualified, experienced and well trained Library professionals serve the user community with excellence and provide assistance in meeting academic and research information needs.

As an Institution in the forefront of knowledge enrichment and dissemination of knowledge, catering to the academic needs of over 2500 students, the library has put in place enormous knowledge resource.

The library is placed in the II and III floor with an area of 2560 and 2144 sqft and a stock of nearly 28,000 books, periodicals, national and international journals, audio –video materials etc.

Users Training and Information Literacy Programs

To sensitize and promote the use of e-resources, learning materials, CD/DVD Databases, information exchange and online access to Internet and web resources, the Library organizes User-focused training Programs on ICT Skills, Research Communication, and Information Management. Topics on research planning, ICTs and E-resources, Internet, E-communication, Discussion forums, Data Analysis packages, citation patterns, thesis/dissertation writing, technical paper writing, e-resources, information search skills, developing materials for scientific presentations, news reporting and editing for press and media are covered for different target groups

Vision and mission

To be the leading academic center for innovative interdisciplinary research and excellence in pharmacy education, patient care, service to the community in India. Further enhance its position of international preeminence especially in pharmaceutical research and education.

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