Crumpled assignment and test sheets, school announcements from two months ago, missing house keys, stationery that went missing months ago, clothes and books strewn all around the room — does this sound too familiar? Not everyone is a neat freak or organised and though it is not necessarily bad, it definitely has some downsides. Children who...
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Six classmates meet in the college canteen to discuss their group project which is due in a month’s time. The group has been assigned to find ways of reducing energy consumption on campus. The suggestions will be judged on efficacy, pragmatism, cost and creativity. Veena decides to steer the discussion as it predictably meanders away...
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The KAS Examination is a Civil Services Examination. It is a statewide competitive examination in Karnataka conducted by the Karnataka State Public Service Commission (KPSC) for recruitment to Group A and B posts in various departments of the Government of Karnataka, including the Karnataka Administrative Service and Karnataka State Police Service. Any Indian who is...
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