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B Pharm Course

Pharmacy is one of the most popular fields among medical students. Education in pharmacy does vary from one country to another. In India, the academic courses in the field of pharmacy start from the diploma level to the doctoral level.

B pharm course is the branch of health sciences that majorly deals with the preparation and dispensing of drugs. Its aim is to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs efficiently. The pharmacy profession is a creative and challenging career and they are the expert’s professionals who have done their studies in medicines. They can use their knowledge of medicines for the benefit of patients.

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) report, there are approximately 2.6 million pharmacists and other pharmaceutical personnel all over the world.


We are one of the top B.pharm College in Bangalore with B.pharm Admission providing sophisticated laboratory facilities and a well equipped digital library. Students are educated and trained by the best, qualified and industry-experienced teachers.

By choosing the B pharm course as a career, you can make all endeavors to create a healthy society. Numerous job opportunities are available in the Pharmacy world, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Services, Pharmaceutical Marketing, R& D, Pharmaceutical Industry.

Program Structure:

Our B pharm course curriculum emphasizes the technical and practical aspects of the design and manufacture of medicines in the new era. The students are provided a good foundation in the latest industry methods of production of medicines, different modes of drug delivery, product upgrade, techniques, applications, and dose selection. It is a unique subject involving the application of chemistry, biology, and technology in making drugs from natural and chemical substances, methods of delivering drugs into the body, positive effects and side-effects of drug and research for better-improved medication.

Topics included in the B.pharm Admission course are modern analytical techniques, drug delivery, regulatory affairs, nanotechnology, bio-pharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, and cosmeceuticals. Students will have diverse knowledge about the preparation of medicines, diet required for different medication processes, laboratory testings, and research of novel medications and methods of analysis of different drugs in realtime. Skills like analytical reasoning, presentation, computers, decision-making, problem-solving are developed through projects, debates, internships, and viva.


· Human Anatomy & Physiology

· Pharmaceutics

· Pharmacognosy-I

· Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I

· Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

·  Mathematics or Biology

· Computer Science & Statistics



2nd YEAR

· Physical Pharmaceutics

· Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotech

· Pathophysiology

· Applied Biochemistry

· Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – II

3rd YEAR

· Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmaceutics

· Instrumental and Biomedical Analysis

· Pharmacology and Toxicology

· Medicinal Chemistry – II

· Industrial Pharmacognosy


I.  Industrial Pharmacy
a. Advanced Industrial Pharmacy
b. Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management                                  


II. Pharmacy Practice
a.  Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic drug monitoring
b.  Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy


4th YEAR

Career Scope & Job Opportunities in Pharmacy field are huge. Due to the opening of large pharmaceutical companies, the future in the field of pharmacy is bright.

Numerous jobs are available for pharmacists in government as well as private organizations. After completing your studies, you can easily find jobs in pharmaceutical industries, government departments, colleges and universities, hospitals, investigation and research institute etc.

Pharmacists can practice in community pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, extended care facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and regulatory agencies. Sales & Marketing job sector also hires maximum number of pharmacy graduates.

One can also work in retail stores of medicines. After registering with the state Pharmacy Council, you can open chemist/drug shop and sell medicines as per doctors prescription.

The course of study for B.Pharm Course shall extend over a period of four academic years and three academic years for those who have got B.Pharm admission to the second B.Pharm directly

  1. Candidates who have passed two years P.U.C examination of Karnataka P.U.C Board or any equivalent examination of any other approved Board or university with not less than 40% marks in any combination comprising P.C.M or P.C.B (minimum eligibility should be based on the aggregate of P.C.M. or P.C.B) or P.C.M..B, PC and computer Sciences, P.C and Electronic
  2. In the case of students belonging to SC/ST/ or Category-I , the minimum percentage of marks for admission to B.pharm Admission shall be not less than 35% in P.U.C or its equivalent examination (P.C.B. or P.C.M. or P.C.M.B) P.C and Computer Science, P.C and Electronics.
  3. Candidates who have passed D.Pharmacy course with not less than 50% aggregate approved by Pharmacy Council o India shall also be eligible for this course and shall be admitted directly to II B.Pharm course 10% over and above the sanctioned intake and shall have to study Matematics, Computer science & Statistics of I B.Pharm in addition to the II.B.Pharm subjects.

Why Study Here?

Not only does B.pharm College provide you the practical skills that are necessary to transition seamlessly into the workforce upon your graduation, but we also make sure that you will have a good sense of social justice so that you make the transition responsibly.


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