Staying organised helps perform better

Crumpled assignment and test sheets, school announcements from two months ago, missing house keys, stationery that went missing months ago, clothes and books strewn all around the room — does this sound too familiar?

Not everyone is a neat freak or organised and though it is not necessarily bad, it definitely has some downsides. Children who are weak in organising their space tend to struggle with handling information in an effective and logical way even at school. They often face difficulty in setting priorities, making goals and sticking to them.

Even at school, being organised is one of the key factors to ensure a successful year. It is often noticed that children with better organising skills often perform better in assignments, get things done in time and have more free time to pursue new hobbies. On the other hand, not being well organised can result in lower grades, increased frustration and even lower self-esteem.

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